Tool manufacturing Milling, CNC and manual Turning, CNC and manual Eroding, Drilling, Grinding Blasting, Ultrasound cleaning Technology Coordinated to customer requirements Our technical equipment is selected in such a  way that we can operate as a complete supplier  for our customers. Short distances and low  processing times are guaranteed.   Using modern machines of a variety of  dimensions and a huge number of processable  materials, we cover a huge client requirement  spectrum.   In addition, for many years we have maintained  a proven network of partners, service providers  and specialists which enable us to successfully  and quickly react to situations in which  specialist knowledge and abilities are called for.    Thanks to our BAKRA® quick-clamping system,  we are only too happy to be able to take on  small and medium production runs for our  customers. Molding 30 injection molding machines (Arburg, Demag, Engel, Boy) Clamping force currently from 220kN-5.000kN Injection weight currently of 0,1g bis >1.600g BAKRA® quick-clamping systems Removal systems / Sprue picker Modern peripheral devices Centralized material sourcing Processing of all standard thermoplastics PPS and MDE systems Tool store Fireproof tool store